Company Profile

Alpha Aviation was founded in 1992 to cater to the services of the Airports and Civil Defence across the UAE.


Why Choose Us?

Alpha AVIATION is committed to providing its clients with the best this industry has to offer when it comes to value for money and quality. We have built and maintained our reputation in this industry as one of the key suppliers for all airport needs over the past 27 years and our commitment in providing after-sales maintenance service has only helped our business grow in the region to become one of the best suppliers of airport equipment in the Middle East.

Operating since 1992, we offer unparalleled quality in maintaining all the safety regulations required by UAE law along with providing a diverse range of products to meet all our customer’s needs. Headquartered in Dubai, UAE., Alpha Aviation is strategically located at the trading Hub of the Middle East & Gulf markets to be able to promptly cater to all the needs of our clients across the Middle East. The emergence of Dubai as a centre of regional trade has placed Alpha Aviation at the forefront of centralised storage and distribution for the entire region.