AMS Aircraft Recovery Equipment (United Kingdom)

AMS Aircraft Recovery Ltd is a leading innovator in the design, development, manufacture and distribution of aircraft recovery equipment (for lifting and moving aircraft on land).

Since 1988, many of the world’s airlines, airport authorities and military air forces have used us as their provider of choice for purchasing equipment and aircraft recovery training

The pressure on airports and airfields continues to increase as air travel and the deployment of military air forces expands around the globe. The increase in air traffic proportionately increases the risk of incidents on the ground, on runways and taxiways.

Our aircraft recovery equipment has been developed to ensure aircraft can be recovered safely, with the minimum of delay, in accordance with the appropriate Aircraft Recovery Manual (ARM – Boeing) or Aircraft Recovery Document (ARD – Airbus) to minimise damage to aircraft during recovery.

AMS’s extensive range of equipment enables aircraft to be recovered from different terrains and challenging locations. We also manufacture and sell the only turntable capable of handling wide-bodied airliners, up to and including the A380 (customers for this include BA).

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