Oshkosh (U.S.A.)

Oshkosh has a long history of constantly innovating to set the bar higher. Our severe-duty vehicles are engineered to meet your needs, and our support team is standing by to help keep your vehicles on frontline duty.

Oshkosh severe duty airport vehicles are built for maximum uptime, so your trucks are ready to meet any challenge. Comprehensive training programs and on-board diagnostics allows for faster troubleshooting.  A 24/7/365 global support network is ready to respond.

When you're in the midst of an airport emergency, you need to know that your equipment is ready. Every time. At Oshkosh Airport Products, our mission is to keep you rolling - safely and effectively - without compromise. We are committed to delivering the best equipment at the time of sale, as well as providing the best service, training, and aftermarket care in the industry.

For additional information click on our business partner: https://www.oshkoshairport.com/arfftrucks